Made in Hollywood Goes Behind the Screen of Money Monster and The Darkness

Kylie Erica Mar from Made in Hollywood
Kylie Erica Mar from Made in Hollywood

Made in Hollywood Sneak Peek: Money Monster, The Darkness, Captain American: Civil War

Audiences can take a trip to the dark side this weekend at the movies.

George Clooney plays an egomaniacal money guru on a financial TV show suddenly confronted with a disgruntled viewer with a gun in the Jodie Foster-directed hostage thriller “Money Monster” costarring Julia Roberts. For Foster, casting these leads was a no-brainer — and not just because they’re huge Hollywood names.

“The superstar part of it has nothing to do with it,” Foster tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “They do have this extraordinarily interesting chemistry that I can’t even describe. They don’t have to be on screen together and somehow they’re kind of fizzling together.”

The Darkness Explores the Shadows that Lurk Within Us, the Stars Tell Made in Hollywood

In “The Darkness” husband and wife Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell return home from a Grand Canyon vacation with their kids only to be confronted with a supernatural force that may come from somewhere deep down in their souls.

“We all have a shadow, this sort of energy,” says Mitchell, “this force that’s brought into the house that we can’t figure out where it is but we have a sense that something’s not right.”

Adds costar Lucy Fry: “You don’t get the chance to see that in films a lot — just everyone trying so hard to overcome these shadowy aspects of themselves.”

Chris Evans Tells Made in Hollywood Why Playing Captain America Is The Best Acting Decision He’s Ever Made

“Captain America: Civil War” continues to soar at the box office. And while the epic battle between Captain America’s Chris Evans and Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. shows both in a tougher light, Evans sees nothing but positives in the character he’s played since 2011’s “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

“I can’t even imagine if I hadn’t done it,” Evans tells Made in Hollywood’s Kylie Erica Mar. “They’re such good movies. They’re such good experiences. I struggle to find the negative aspect in the experience from top to bottom. Tome, it’s truly been the best decision I ever made.”