Made in Hollywood Goes Behind the Screen with Elvis and Nixon, The Meddler

Patrick Stinson from Made in Hollywood
Patrick Stinson from Made in Hollywood

Made in Hollywood Sneak Peek: Behind the Screen with Elvis and Nixon, The Meddler

You’ve probably seen the now-iconic photograph: President Nixon in a conservative business suit and a forced grin shaking hands with Elvis Presley in all his big-collar, massive belt-buckle glory. The National Archive says this picture from Dec. 21, 1970, is the single most requested item in the collection. And one could only wonder what on Earth happened during the closed-door meeting between these two larger-than-life figures.

“Elvis and Nixon,” starring Kevin Spacey as the disgraced former president and Michael Shannon as The King, takes you inside the White House for a fictional riff on the pop culture summit, and Made in Hollywood gets its own behind-the-scenes insights into how the actors brought to life this curious moment in American history.

“I wanted to understand what he was like privately,” Spacey tells reporter Damaris Diaz, “because this is a private meeting. It wasn’t like a speech or seeing him in public, which is a very different kind of Nixon. He didn’t even want to have this meeting. And there’s just a kind of general grumpiness that I wanted to try to capture.”

Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley
Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley

Susan Sarandon Tells Made in Hollywood She Can’t Stand the Title of Her New Film The Meddler

In “The Meddler,” recent widow Susan Sarandon moves from New Jersey to Los Angeles to spend more quality time with her daughter — only to stick her motherly nose into all kinds of things that aren’t her business. Costarring Rose Byrne as the daughter and J.K. Simmons as an ex-cop wooing an emotionally tentative Sarandon, the film is much gentler and warm-hearted than the title suggests, Sarandon tells Made in Hollywood.

“I wish it was called ‘Well Intentioned’ because ‘The Meddler’ sounds a little negative,” she says.  “I could see where she might be a little annoying if it’s your mom, but then other people always love your mom, right? They haven’t lived a whole lifetime with her.”

The Stars of Compadres Tell Made in Hollywood About Action Scenes in a Rickety Car

In “Compadres,” Omar Chaparro plays a former Mexican cop who forms an unlikely alliance with a young computer hacker (Joey Morgan) to seek revenge on a crime lord who framed him. It’s a high-action comedy that kept one of the stars on edge on set.

“I had a great time doing the action scenes,” says Chaparro. “Not my friend. I think Joey –”

“Don’t want to talk about it,” interjects Morgan. “The brakes were a little off.”

“The car was very old,” explains Chaparro, “and the director told me it had to be 100 mph.”

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