Mark Hamill: 'It's Getting Harder and Harder to Surprise People'

Mark Hamill from Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Mark Hamill from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

How extreme does “Star Wars” fanaticism go?

To this day Mark Hamill hears complaints about the ending of the first movie 40 years ago when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo get honored with a kiss from Princess Leia for destroying the Death Star while Chewbacca gets nothing.

“People are still mad that the Wookiee didn’t get a medal!” Hamill tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “He risked his life just like us.”

So it goes living in a universe cwith what he calls the UPFs – ultra-passionate fans.  But he says that even they will be surprised by the plot twists in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” teased in the trailer in which Skywalker says ominously, “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

“I was shocked when I read that (in the script), totally shocked,” Hamill says .”What could have happened to Luke that he would have that idea in his head?  I think I know the Jedi philosophy and a Jedi would never give up. If he made a mistake he would try to correct it. So that was tough.”

Then working with director Rian Johnson, things began to make sense.

“Rian is trying to deliver all of the elements that people want in a Star Wars film, to push it,” says Hamill. “And that’s getting harder and harder to do. Because they know everything. They speculate. They read fan fiction. They read the novels and play the games and all the ancillary material that’s out there. So it’s getting harder and harder to surprise people.”