Meg DeAngelis' 'Dance Camp' Launches Paid YouTube Red Service


Dancing with the YouTube stars seems like a good way to describe “Dance Camp.”

The comedy, a new movie that debuts with YouTube Red’s launch–a paid service–on Feb. 10, features e-famous personalities like Meg DeAngelis, Nadji Jeter, Jake Paul and Jordyn Jones, and a roster of others in a “Pitch Perfect”-like answer to the dance film genre.

Tongue-in-cheek quips are included: “You better not screw me,” DeAngelis’ character Cheyenne says to a slacker in the trailer, “… don’t make a sexual joke.”

For a majority of the cast, it’s their first turns leading a full-length feature, but they should have no trouble attracting an audience.

Consider these impressive numbers: DeAngelis has 4.5 million YouTube subscribers, Jake Paul has 176,664 YouTube subscribers and 4.5 million Vine fans, and Jones has more than 630,000 YouTube subscribers. Jeter appears to be the most experienced actor of the core ensemble, having starred in “Grown Ups” and its sequel.

The film joins three others debuting on YouTube Red’s launch day in the streaming platform’s first rollout of original features from its top creators, including “A Trip to Unicorn,” “Lazer Team” and “Scare Pew Die Pie.”

The story follows Hunter (Jeter), who joins a dance troupe at a summer camp when his finds inspiration in passionate Cheyenne (DeAngelis). Together, they take on a rival troupe led by the arrogant Lance (Paul).

Of course, it’s a familiar space for the social media stars, but their roles are different. Instead of their usual short video fare–often portraying themselves–they are tested as comedic actors in “Dance Camp.”

YouTube Red is a paid service that offers YouTube’s content without commercial interruption, along with premium YouTube Music service and original content.