YouTube's Meg DeAngelis 'Already Can't Dance' After 'Dance Camp' Movie

meg deangelis youtube dance camp full movie
YouTube star Meg DeAngelis on her digital film “Dance Camp”

Meg DeAngelis: Dancing With the YouTube Star in ‘Dance Camp’ Movie

Meg DeAngelis knows some skills just aren’t meant to be acquired!

Ask the YouTube star, who plays Cheyenne, a “very determined and focused dancer” in the straight-to-cyberspace flick “Dance Camp.”

The MayBaby YouTube starlet, who pulls in an impressive count of almost five-million followers, is new to acting, but even newer to dancing, a skill she learned — and lost — in no time.

“I realized pretty quickly after we filmed the movie, that it disappeared — the dancer in me,” DeAngelis told Made in Hollywood. “And I don’t know how and I’m really sad about it because I thought it’d stick around a while. But I already can’t dance again.”

The online sensation got some assistance on set from a newfound floor mentor.

“We did dance rehearsals before we started shooting, and then I also had a dance double during it because … I think for the wide shots and everything, they needed everybody to look like dancers, which made sense,” DeAngelis explained. “Having [the double] was so great, too, because for the things that I was in, she kind of acted like a coach to me if the other coaches were busy or anything.”

meg deangelis youtube dance camp full movies
Meg DeAngelis busts a move in “Dance Camp”

Meg DeAngelis Movies: YouTube Star Launches Acting Career

As for her character, “She’s not the most friendly person,” DeAngelis said. “She likes dance more than people, I think. And she fits in because she’s Hunter’s love interest … She shows him how to be serious, while he shows her how to have fun. So it’s cute between the two of them.”

The actress credits YouTube and her millions of fans for helping her take on this new stage in her career.

“YouTube definitely made me more confident,” she said. “I don’t think I could ever do acting without some confidence.”

And her fans need not worry — DeAngelis has no intentions of leaving the place she considers home.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said with a smile. “I like YouTube and I like the community. And it’s mostly about them anyway.”

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