Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell: How a 'Weird' Recipe Sealed Their Friendship

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy
Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy

There’s nothing like a treat for the tongue to butter someone up. Kristen Bell instantly won over Melissa McCarthy while filming “The Boss” with a healthy homemade nibble.

“She makes weird cashew dips and brings it in,” McCarthy says with a smile. “You show up with a cashew dip and some healthy chip for me, you had me at cashew dip.”

Bites aside, the Academy Award-nominated actress had an overflow of gush-worthy comments about Bell, whose hubby Dax Shepard she’s known for years.

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“Kristen Bell is a real, real dreamboat,” McCarthy said. “I was trying to think of something terrible to say, but I can’t … We just hit it off immediately … She’s super crazy funny, super nice.”

And it sounds like the feeling is mutual.

Bell called her costar, who is also the cowriter of the film, a “comedic genius,” adding, “She is just impenetrably funny. You cannot throw her off, but she’s also kind of a walking human heart. She’s exceptionally kind and emotionally connected.”

Their bond made it that much easier to shoot an intimate bra scene at the end of the movie, with Bell explaining, “We were very comfortable with each other” by that point.

The film is about former jail inmate Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) trying to rebrand herself as America’s Sweetheart after her release from behind bars. The star’s husband Ben Falcone directed and cowrote the comedy, based on a character McCarthy has been playing since her Groundlings days 13 years ago.

“I’d just always go back to her,” she said, adding that she always wanted to “expand” on her character outside of just a sketch.

The movie, which features a slew of star-studded cameos, hits theaters April 8.