Melissa McCarthy Reveals Ghostbusters Slime Doesn't Actually Wash Off

Melissa McCarthy from Ghostbusters
Melissa McCarthy from Ghostbusters

Melissa McCarthy Talks Slime, Science and Camaraderie in Ghostbusters

It’s no fun getting slimed.

“It doesn’t come off,” says “Ghostbusters” star Melissa McCarthy. “It’s a two-day cleanup. You can’t wash it off. … You couldn’t use water to get it off because it reconstituted and it like doubled.”

What’s more, the actress tells Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold, there’s some suspicion the stuff — whatever it was the special effects people cooked up — may not be 100 percent safe.

“It was always like a guy in a mask saying, ‘It’s fine. It’s perfectly safe,'” says McCarthy. “I’m like: Why are you in a mask? We’re not in masks. Don’t put a mask on and tell me I’m fine and I’m wearing like a cotton jumpsuit.”

Melissa McCarthy Had to Wonder: Was that Ghostbusters Slime Really Safe?

The slime was just one of the challenges for the all-woman “Ghostbusters” reboot, which also stars Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig.

“It’s a lot of tricky, tricky dialogue,” McCarthy says of all the scientific jargon in the script. “We had this lovely fellow from MIT who was always kind of there. If we had a question we could call him. It’s not jargon the average person is used to saying.”

But at the end of the day, McCarthy says she couldn’t resist the story. “I loved that script and when I read it I thought: They’re all individuals, they all have their own completely different point of view and feel, and yet when they’re together, they’re even better.”