Michelle Monaghan Punched Out Jamie Foxx's Tooth, for Real, in Sleepless

Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan from Sleepless
Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan from Sleepless

How Jamie Foxx Lost a Tooth During a Fight Scene with Michelle Monaghan in Sleepless

During a fight scene in the thriller “Sleepless,” fists flew so fast and furious that Michelle Monaghan accidentally landed a hard one on the very expensive face of star Jamie Foxx.

“She hit me with a real punch,” Foxx tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson.

“Not a Hollywood punch?” asks Stinson.

“No, man, right down straight to the kisser,” says Foxx, pointing to his front teeth. “We’re doing the fight scene and I guess ‘action’ got called wrong and BAM! she chipped this. All this is porcelain.”

Monaghan Admits to Landing Stray Punch on Jamie Foxx in Sleepless

Monaghan copped to it.

“I did,” she says. “It split my knuckle. And he was like, ‘Keep going, keep going.’ So I guess I’m going to keep going. And the next day he was fine. The next day the teeth were flawless again.”

Explains Foxx: “I got a great dentist.”

The star plays undercover Las Vegas police officer Vincent Downs caught in a high-stakes web of corrupt cops, internal affairs and murderous gangsters. When a failed heist leads to the kidnapping of his teenage son, Downs races against time during a wild and restless night to save him and bring the criminals to justice.

The movie has white-knuckle car chases and endless action that also left its marks on Monaghan, too.

“I got bruised and I was sore,” she says. “It’s interesting because you don’t actually feel the pain in the moment because you have a lot of that adrenaline. Then all of a sudden you’re home, and it’s 10 o’clock at night, and you’re like: Oh, god.”

But neither’s complaining.

“It’s fun. It’s make believe,” says Foxx. “It’s Hollywood.”

“It’s …” they say together, “Made in Hollywood!”