Miles Teller and Jonah Hill Talk Friendship and Fake Tans in War Dogs

Miles Teller and Jonah Hill in War Dogs
Miles Teller and Jonah Hill in War Dogs

Miles Teller, Jonah Hill Become Unlikely Arms Dealers in War Dogs

In “War Dogs,” Jonah Hill and Miles Teller become unlikely international arms dealers, but it turns out the most powerful weapon is friendship. Tapping into his darker side, Hill plays a bad egg named Efraim, who lures his childhood buddy David into a high-stakes deal that could get them both rich — or killed.

“Efraim is like a villain,” Hill tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “He’s like a master manipulator. He unfortunately uses their friendship — and David’s loyalty to him — to manipulate him, move him around.”

It’s this dynamic between the two old buddies, says Teller, that makes plausible an outrageous premise: that two normal guys could essentially con the U.S. government into awarding them hundreds of millions of dollars in defense contract money.

“It’s stranger than fiction how all this happened,” says Teller. “I could absolutely see how this would happen. Even though you say, ‘$300 million contract?  How could that ever happen?’ We show you the baby steps of how it could happen. It’s very feasible.”

Jonah Hill Tapes His Dark Side to Manipulate Miles Teller in War Dogs

It all hinges on the devilish powers of persuasion by Hill. Normally known for playing comic second bananas, the actor saw the role as a “really cool challenges,” he says. “He’s kind of evil, but  he’s so charismatic, hopefully at the same time — at  least that’s the intent — where he can light up a room or could win anyone over. But his motives are pretty shady.”

And Hill went all-in on the character, down to the peculiar orange tint to his skin. “Miami culture was a big part of this guy’s DNA –the slicked-back hair, and the fake tan, and the loud clothes, and the jewelry and everything. It was all part of like trying to capture this guy who was born and bred in Miami Beach.”