Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Story: Mom Christy Beam on Religion, Hoax Rumors

miracles from heaven full movie cast photo jennifer garner christy beam annabel beam
Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Story: (L-R) Jennifer Garner with author Christy Beam;

Miracles From Heaven Full Movie True Story: Christy Beam

Christy Beam is all smiles now, as her once-ailing daughter Annabel Beam is a joyous teen thanks to an apparent act of god; and the mom’s memoir “Miracles from Heaven” has been revived for the big screen in the Miracles From Heaven full movie starring Jennifer Garner — but the road to happiness has been a long one, and even currently, some people question the validity of her mind-blowing story.

“Annabel was diagnosed with something called pseudo obstruction motility disorder,” Christy explained to Today of her daughter’s horrifying former condition and cure. “And that just meant that her stomach and her intestines didn’t work, and she couldn’t process food or drink. Things got stuck and didn’t work their way out. Agonizing.”

On 10 medications a day, then-12-year-old Annabel “just lived on the sofa in the fetal position with a heating pad on her stomach,” Christy said. “That was her life.”

Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Details: What Did Christy Beam’s Daughter Annabel Experience in Heaven?

Annabel Beam’s claim of what she experienced in heaven–and her miraculous cure–is at the root of the Miracles From Heave Full Movie true story

miracles from heaven full movie cast photo jennifer garner christy beam annabel beam
Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Story: (L-R) Jennifer Garner, the Beam family and Dr. Samuel Nurko

After actively expressing her will to die because she was in so much pain, Annabel experienced the miracle that made up the basis of the book-turned-film. An interaction in heaven with Jesus — who promised to send her off with an angel — cured her sickness.

“God is faithful in the little things,” Christy told the Gospel Herald last year of her longstanding belief in Jesus way before the miracle occurred in heaven. “It doesn’t have to be one big huge grand miracle that happens to help you realize that God is faithful. He is there, He is real, he is active in your life. It is all those small acts of faithfulness that he is trying to show you daily of his love …”

But even with a much calmer and light present-day demeanor, Christy is still healing from the pain she endured during the lowest points of Annabel’s illness.

“Sometimes I’ll over-process things the girls will say,” Christy told the Gospel Herald. “I’ll think, ‘Is there something deeper in there I need to evaluate?’ I don’t want my girls to ever get where Annabel got. The thought that she wanted to die didn’t just come to her one day. There were a lot of things that I missed that I could have helped her work through before she got to that point. I don’t want that to ever happen again. I don’t want them to go from A to Z and me miss it. I want to hear them and work through every piece with them.”

The Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Skepticism: What Really Cured Annabel Beam?

Is the journey to heaven that Annabel Beam experienced real? She says it’s no hoax, but naysayers have called into question the claims of the once-ailing girl and her mother Christy Beam’s account as seen in the Miracles From Heaven full movie.

miracles from heaven full movie cast photo jennifer garner christy beam annabel beam
Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Story: (L-R) Author Christy Beam, Eugenio Derbez, Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Queen Latifah, Martin Henderson, director Patricia Riggen

Health woes weren’t the religious matriarch faces. Based on the farce that was Alex Malarkey’s so-called visit to heaven and back in “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” which was later admitted to be a hoax, some people are quick to assume Annabel’s story is a phony as well.

“My favorite response to that [assumption] is Annabel’s, and she says, ‘I don’t say anything to those who criticize and don’t believe,’ “Christy explained to the religious website. “What I do say is, ‘This is my story and it is real and I am living proof of a miracle. I’m not going to shove it down your throat, but if you allow it to, it could change your life, it could help you to have a relationship with Jesus if you don’t have one and it could strengthen who he is for your relationship if you allow it to. But if you don’t that’s fine, but it is my story.’ ”

Impressed with her daughter’s well-thought-out reaction, Christy said simply, “I feel like that’s the best response in the world from a 12-year-old.”

Presently, Christy and her clan have not only gained a healthy daughter, but a new family friend.

“With Christy, gosh, I asked her so many questions,” Garner told Made in Hollywood of taking absorbing the scribe’s account that would develop into the Miracles From Heaven full movie. “I asked her everything from how she takes her coffee, to what her favorite hymns are, and I put together a playlist that I used a lot while making the movie … I really bugged her.”

Garner, a mother of three, really resonated with the emotional role, telling Made in Hollywood, “I think what spoke to me most was Christy as a mom and Christy as a steadfast witness to what her daughter was going through. And also the fact that it’s true. It’s a real story. That just really killed me.”

Where to Watch the Miracles From Heaven Full Movie Online

Also starring Queen Latifah, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch and Eugenio Derbez, the Miracles From Heaven full movie was released on March 16 to box office success, making it one of the biggest faith-based hits of the year.

The Miracles From Heaven full movie is still available to watch in theaters now, but its Blu-ray and DVD release date is estimated for June 2016. Of course, when it comes to watching the Miracles From Heaven full movie online, the inspirational family drama – yes, it’s safe for kids to watch too – will likely find distribution on platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Netflix or other comparable streaming services.