Morgan Freeman Shares 'Trick' to Working with a New Director

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Morgan Freeman stars in “London Has Fallen”

Morgan Freeman Works With Director Babak Najaf on ‘London Has Fallen’

Morgan Freeman‘s back with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart for “London Has Fallen,” the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen.” Only this time, there’s a new director on board, Babak Najafi, taking over for Antoine Fuqua.

It’s a change that doesn’t faze the unflappable Freeman at all.

“If you’re working with the same general idea, and you have a new director, the trick is to let go of all preconceived ideas that you have,” he explained. “Wait and listen: my trick.”

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‘London Has Fallen’: Morgan Freeman Is Now Vice President

Another change is Freeman’s character: Vice President Trumbull.

“He’s no longer the Speaker of the House now,” Freeman said. “He has a little more umph. He’s the vice president, but he’s in the same situation. It’s just that now everybody respects his judgment. So that was two things: moving up into a different office and moving up in his estimation.”

Freeman will appear next in the spy-comedy “Cold Warriors,” it was announced last year. The movie is described as “Taken” meets “Get Smart.” Too long in the tooth to get back into the field, Morgan’s retired CIA agent character recruits his video game programmer stepson to help him complete a Cold War mission in the forthcoming movie.

And there’s no shortage of other work in the pipeline for the Oscar winner. Freeman is attached to four other films, including “Down to a Sunless Sea,” “Ben-Hur,” and “Going in Style.”

“London Has Fallen” hits theaters on Friday. — Dahvi Shira

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