Mother's Day Reviews: A Movie Only a Mother Could Love?

Jennifer Aniston in Mother's Day
Jennifer Aniston in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Reviews: Is Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts Film Worth Watching?

If you love your mother, don’t take her to see “Mother’s Day.” So say most critics, who pounded Garry Marshall’s latest multi-story rom-com melange opening Friday.

Starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, “Mother’s Day” eked out a 7 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the worst-reviewed major releases of the year. The scant positives came from critics who said the film managed to exceed its low-bar expectations.

A sprinkling:

“‘Mother’s Day’ is bad from the start, and it doesn’t get better”John Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter

“You should give the widest berth possible to this staggeringly incompetent blend of silliness and schmaltz—a film so awful that if one were to put up a list of the great films celebrating motherhood, it would rank considerably lower than the Gus van Sant version of ‘Psycho'”Peter Sobczynski,

“Motherhood, let no one disagree, is hard work. Then again, so is sitting through Garry Marshall’s new comedy ‘Mother’s Day,’ a two-hour movie so forgettable that I’m not convinced it actually exists”Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times

“Like its predecessors, ‘Mother’s Day’ is the movie equivalent of a bargain-bin greeting card, expressing only the most superficial, generic sentiments. To joke about future installments at this point would only be courting disaster” — Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly

One Mother’s Day Critic Speaks of the Low Expectations for Film

But at least one critic says the film benefits from this kind of reaction.

“Perhaps because the bar was set so low, ‘Mother’s Day’ turns out to be surprisingly watchable. Sure, you’ll forget all about it a week after you’ve seen it, but it’s mostly pleasant and occasionally touching, even though it’s a lot closer to an episode of ‘The Love Boat’ than ‘Love Actually'”Randy Cordova, The Arizona Republic

And another did find cause for a lukewarm review.

“‘Mother’s Day’ is a lot like the handmade gifts moms receive. The edges might not be perfectly formed and the overall look is far from perfect, but the deep and real heart of the creation cannot be denied”Rick Bentley, Fresno Bee