'People Places Things' Star Jermaine Clement Says Story Is 'Relatable'

The plot of the film “People Places Things” can be a bit overwhelming – but its writer and director says it’s a story that’s familiar to many.

“It’s relatable to lots of people,” James Strouse tells Made in Hollywood. “You’re bound by these children for a long time, kind of figuring out what to do. The feelings you had, [are] in light of the new directions you’re moving.”

The movie, which recently hit theaters, centers around a professor balancing a recent divorce as he raises his daughters, all while still trying to inspire his students.

“All those things are written into the movie,” star Jermaine Clement says. “There are people in it, and they are occupying places. And there are also a few things.”

As for those aforementioned “relatable” people? Strouse is one of them.

“What inspired it? I have two kids,” He says. “They’re not twins. Magnolia is 11 and Grover is eight. I split up with their mom four or five years ago, and the movie is dedicated to Magnolia and Grover.”