Power Rangers Don't Look Like This Anymore - Check Out Their Sleek New Suits

Power Rangers at 2015 Comic-Con in San Diego
Power Rangers at 2015 Comic-Con in San Diego

Power Rangers Ditch the Lycra for a Bold, Muscular Look for New Movie

The Power Rangers just got an extreme makeover.

Gone are those shiny bright Lycra jumpsuits and boots that Nancy Sinatra would find made for walkin’ — replaced by sleek metallic armor molded to make the Rangers look big and strong and muscular.

Created for the “Power Rangers” movie in 2017, these suits have the five teen heroes clearly trying to put the Power in the Ranger and distance themselves from the long-running TV show and gazillions of action figures it spawned.

Power Rangers Director Says New Suits Evoke Energy, Spirit

“The show was about kids coming of age, about metamorphosis,” director Dean Israelite tells EW.com, which had the first look of the new suits. “These suits needed to feel like they were catalyzed by these kids and their energy, their spirit.”

To that end, the suits deliver, adding a whole new level of cool and high-tech to a wardrobe that almost any fan could sew up at home and wear to Comic-Con.

Still, while the look may be new to the franchise, it’ll be familiar to comic book movie fans — that Red Ranger, played by Dacre Montgomery, looks suspiciously like Iron Man.

Female Power Rangers Get a Little Extra in the New Suits

Also, one could take issue with the way the female Rangers are outfitted. While earlier incarnations of the characters appeared gender neutral, save for a little skirt-type thing around the waist to differentiate the fairer Rangers in some years, the new versions give the females big breast plates and high heels.

“Power Rangers,” set for release in March next year, also stars Becky G as Trini (Yellow Ranger), Ludi Lin as Zack (Black Ranger), Naomi Scott as Kimberly (Pink Ranger), and RJ Cyler as Billy (Blue Ranger) as a “group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.”

Elizabeth Banks plays the arch-villain Rita Repulsa, an alien bent on taking over the galaxy