Quentin Tarantino's Inappropriate Sex Toy Prank on Brad Pitt and More Stars

Quentin Tarantino knows how to get a rise of his stars who snooze on the job.

The filmmaker revealed his longstanding tradition Wednesday on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and filled the show’s host in on the big little helper that has followed him throughout the course of his career.

Big Jerry, as “The Hateful Eight” director-screenwriter likes to call it, is a huge sex toy that stars, including Brad Pitt (“Inglourious Basterds”) and Daryl Hannah (“Kill Bill”) have intimately encountered — sort of.

“From time to time, you’re working on a movie and crew members get tired or they take a nap or they fall asleep. It just happens,” Tarantino explained. “Well, you kind of want to discourage that. And so the way I figured out how to discourage that, is I bought a big, giant dildo. It’s purple and it’s about this big [uses hands to show large size of object]. And so if somebody falls asleep, now all of a sudden, you’re not mad when they fall asleep. You want them to fall asleep … And then you get the dildo, and you put it right by his face and then you take a photo.”

Thanks to the evolution of technology, those who doze off in Tarantino’s professional company will unknowingly have photos of themselves posing with this large item.

“Now the thing about it was, in the ’90s when we started it, we would do it with a Polaroid,” Tarantino said. “So you’d come up with a big Polaroid camera and you’d press the button … and it would wake up everyone there … And then you’d take the photo and you’d put it on the wall of shame. However, as much as I’m not a proponent of digital cameras … (they) kind of work out pretty good because they make no noise. So if you can be quiet, you can actually get quite a few shots with Big Jerry.”

“The Hateful Eight” opens Christmas Day. Watch the trailer below.