Ray Fisher on His Cyborg Costume in Justice League: 'I'm Literally in Pajamas'

Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher from Justice League
Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher from Justice League

When Ray Fisher first saw his superhero costume for “Justice League” he wasn’t feeling particularly super.

“I’m thinking: This is it? I’m literally in pajamas,” laughs Fisher.

That’s because the armor for his character Cyborg is completely generated by CGI off of Fisher’s motion-capture suit. But then he found out it was much more comfortable than what  costars like Ben Affleck (Batman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash) had to deal with, and he felt much better.

“These guy are like bolted in and hot and sweaty,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar.

Though he did have one costume challenge: the shoes.


“We all had to get on the same level and there’s some of us that are taller than others,” he said, “so they have to put us in slightly taller shoes to like get us to that point.”