Robert De Niro: 'People Getting Older Are Sidelined'

Robert De Niro is a two-time Oscar winner who has appeared in more than 95 films throughout his long career, but even he admits that most seniors don’t get the credit they deserve for their wealth of life experiences.

“People getting older are kind of sidelined,” the 72-year-old tells Reuters.

For the veteran actor, he sees his latest movie “The Intern” as a chance to change how people view the greying baby-boomer generation.

“If this film does very well, and we hope it does, then they might start making other films like it,” he shares, adding, “It’s a great story area – younger generation and older generation.”

The comedy sees him as a senior intern at an online fashion website, whose wisdom makes him Mr. Popular among his cohorts, including his much younger boss played by Anne Hathaway.

He says his character in the movie “has the kind of advice that only someone who has been on the planet a lot longer can give.”

“We do tend to feel that when you are a certain age, you are less relevant in some ways, and that is not the case,” De Niro explains.

“The Intern” opens on Sept. 25.