Rooney Mara Talks Sword Fighting With Hugh Jackman

Even before it began, Rooney Mara knew she’d met her match when had to film a fight sequence with Hugh Jackman in “Pan.”

“He’s a trained dancer, and learning a fight is like learning a dance,” she tells Seth Meyers on “Late Night” on Tuesday, “so I didn’t have great odds going into that.”

And Jackman learned it in no time, too.

“He showed up way later than me and I had been learning the fight. And I think on day two he knew half of the entire fight. I was still on part one,” she explains. “I show up to rehearse and he was doing it with my stunt double.”

He also had insane stamina, a frustrated Mara adds.

“He would not die, he would not get tired,” she continues. “We would do it three times and I would not be able to breathe and he was like, ‘Lets do go it again, lets do it again.'”

One time, though, things didn’t go too well for Jackman.

“We were doing this fight and my sword was wood, because obviously they weren’t going to give me a real sword, and it kept snapping in half and it would fly around and hit him in the head… it kept hitting him in the head.” One time it even drew blood.

Jackman’s response: “He took a minute,” she reveals. “He just went into the little chair in the corner and came back.”