Ryan Gosling Can't Get the La La Land Music Out of His Head - and That's a Good Thing

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from La La Land
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from La La Land

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Reunite for Third Film in La La Land

No stunt pianists on this movie. Those really are Ryan Gosling‘s fingers tickling the ivories in “La La Land.”

“I always wanted to play the piano,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “So it was great to have the opportunity to practice for three months, to play such beautiful pieces. I think it’s a testament to how great the music is in the movie, I really should be sick of it by now, but I’m not.”

La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Recalls Classic Hollywood Musicals

Also starring Emma Stone, “La La Land” harkens to Hollywood’s golden age of musicals with both stars singing and dancing in a story about art, love and following your dreams.

“It was really fun,” Stone says. “We were so lucky because we had the luxury of time, which is really rare. To rehearse for almost three months, I think is unheard of, even for a musical play. That was really nice that we got to go for it in that way.”

Before reading the script, Gosling saw the potential for the film when he met with director-writer Damien Chazelle, who had previously written and directed “Whiplash.”

“He’s a very infectious person who loves film, who knows not only why he loves film, but why he fell in love with it in the first place,” the actor says. “I think he’s a filmmaker who can transfer that love to the audience.”

Ryan Gosling Recalls Director’s Big Vision for La La Land

Chazelle had a grand vision for “La La Land.”

“He really wanted to make a film that you wanted to go to theater to see and not just watch on your iPhone,” says Gosling. “When I read this, I thought he really has a shot at making something like what he was talking about the night that I met him. Then I heard the music. Then it was an opportunity to work with Emma again. It all just sort of started snowballing.”

In their third film together following “Crazy Stupid Love” in 2011 and “Gangster Squad” in 2013, Stone and Gosling saw a different side of Los Angeles.

“We had over 70 locations, so it was pretty special,” Stone says. “We got to go to parts I had not been to before, like Angels Flight (railway) and Watts Towers, or go to the Griffith Park Observatory and have an entirely new experience in that place that was really special.”