Shirtless Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell Have a Dad-Off in 'Daddy's Home'


“It looks like we’ve got us an old-fashioned dad-off,” says Mark Wahlberg in the new teaser for “Daddy’s Home” — his new film costarring Will Ferrell.

The story follows Ferrell as an uptight media executive who takes on the role of step-father to his wife’s children, but conflicts and hijinks are abound when their freeloader father re-enters their blissful family life.

As seen in the new trailer, released Thursday, Wahlberg’s slacker dad appears to lead the way in scoring cool points among his broken family as he flaunts his six-pack with a pull-ups routine, flashes his motorcycle and rocks a trendy leather jacket to his square rival Ferrell’s bargain-rack suits.

More impressively, when Ferrell surprises the family with Los Angeles Lakers playoff tickets, Wahlberg one-ups his rival with an invitation for his kids and ex-wife to sit court-side and snap selfies with the team. “Want to take a picture with Kobe?” Wahlberg asks, leaving Ferrell abandoned and scowling.

Competition is fierce between hunky, bad boy Wahlberg as a biological father who returns home to win the affection of his children and ex, who now have a step-father and husband in Ferrell’s dull but loving character.

The pair go toe-to-toe trying to outdo one another to impress their easily-bought youngsters and their seemingly oblivious mother in Linda Cardellini, the former “Mad Men” actress who stars as Ferrell’s new wife and Wahlberg’s old flame.

It’s yet another reunion for Wahlberg and Ferrell, who took on a pair of mismatched personalities in 2010’s “The Other Guys.”

“Daddy’s Home” opens Christmas Day. Watch the trailer below: