Space Jam 2 in Works with LeBron James and Fast and Furious Director Justin Lin

LeBron James
LeBron James

Space Jam 2 in the Works with LeBron James as Star, Justin Lin as Director

Few are faster or more furious on the basketball court than LeBron James. Now it looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers star is joining forces with the director of the “Fast and Furious” action films for “Space Jam 2.”

Lin is co-writing the screenplay and also may produce the Warner Bros. followup to the original that had a live-action Michael Jordan teaming with Looney Tunes cartoon characters to play basketball against aliens, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

James, who’s in the midst of NBA playoffs, has been rumored to be starring in “Space Jam 2” since he announced last year he was a partner with Warner Bros. to make movie, TV and digital content.

LeBron James Has Hinted About Starring in Space Jam 2

At the time of the deal, James had scored rave reviews for his comic acting in the Amy Schumer-starring “Trainwreck” and said that connecting with his fans and “telling meaningful stories” have “always been my passion.”

Since then, he’s dropped hints about “Space Jam 2.”  In a Twitter exchange with a fan asking about the project, James said, “Maybe …. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” Then he teased that he loves Bugs Bunny & Co., adding, “#LooneyToonsRock.”

Original Space Jam with Michael Jordan Made $230 Million Worldwide

The original “Space Jam” in 1996 made $230.4 million worldwide at the box office.

Lin directed four of the “Fast and Furious” films, most recently “Fast and Furious 6” in 2013, and directed “Star Trek Beyond,” which opens this summer.

James recently announced that he would be taking a behind-the-scenes role in another Hollywood project: a feature film based on a viral video.

According to Deadline, James joined forces with Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema to acquire the rights to Connor Toole’s imposter video shot at the 2015 NBA Draft. The 6-foot-10 bearded humor writer donned a business suit and was able fool people into thinking he was a second-round pick of the Utah Jazz. The ruse allowed him to score free drinks and lots of female attention. The video has generated nearly 5 million views.