Cara Delevingne Gets Freaky with Suicide Squad Costar Will Smith

Cara Delevingne and Will Smith from Suicide Squad
Cara Delevingne and Will Smith from Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne Can’t Stop Channeling Enchantress from Suicide Squad with Will Smith

They don’t call her Enchantress for nothing.

When Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar asked Cara Delevingne to describe her sultry, scantily clad character in “Suicide Squad,” the model-actress struck a provocative pose in front of costars Will Smith and Jay Hernandez.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” asked an apparently surprised Smith.

“Enchantress is coming out,” suggested Mar.

“I let my legs do the talking,” explained Delevingne. “It’s weird when they saw me in clothes again.”

How Suicide Squad Cast Bonded by Sharing Deepest, Darkest Secrets During Rehearsals

Clearly, this is one movie cast that knows how to get along.

Opening Friday, the ensemble adventure from the pages of DC Comics has the U.S. government recruiting a rag-tag troupe of damaged and dangerous misfits — the Suicide Squad — to defeat a mysterious and powerful entity while tangling with the diabolical Joker, this time played by Jared Leto.

“It started from the rehearsal space, sharing our deepest, darkest secrets,” said Hernandez of director David Ayer’s practice of staging group therapy-type sessions with his stars. “It puts things on a different plane. We were just barely getting to know each other and we had to open up to this group of people, and we’re telling this just really personal stuff.”

Smith said the stars shared “the things that were the most joyous, the most painful, and the most difficult experiences of our lives.”

“Once you know someone’s childhood traumas to that level,” said Smith, “it kind of binds you.”

Suicide Squad Stars Will Smith and Jay Hernandez Sparred Until It Really Hurt

That and all the rigorous training and fighting sessions through six months of rehearsal and shooting.

“We did martial arts, fighting, we trained a lot,” said Delevingne.

And nobody fought harder than Smith, who plays Deadshot, and Hernandez, who plays Diablo.

“Jay can rumble,” said Smith.  He don’t care that I made ‘Independence Day.’ I was so happy when I tore my calf. I didn’t have to spar anymore.”