Vin Diesel Says Playing an Immortal Witch Hunter 'Challenged' Him

Eternal life is a blessing and a curse in “The Last Witch Hunter.”

“This guy is 800 years old—he’s immortal,” Vin Diesel says of his character in the sci-fi flick. “That’s one of the things that challenged me.”

Admittedly, Diesel is a Dungeons and Dragons gamer who’s familiar with the fantasy world of immortal characters, but he still had questions about bringing his protagonist Kaulder to the big screen.

“When you read that script,” he says, “how are you going to execute? How do you go up to an actor and say, ‘be immortal?’”

The “Furious 7” star revealed in an interview with the Associated Press earlier this month that he found the part “therapeutic” as he mourned the death of his costar Paul Walker, who died 2013 in a car accident. “The idea that someone immortal could be so melancholy,” he said, made him see life and death from a different perspective.

“The Last Witch Hunter” opens Oct. 23. Watch the trailer below.