What Flatliners Star Kiersey Clemons Hopes to See if She Ever Actually Flatlined

James Norton, Ellen Page and Kiersey Clemons from Flatliners
James Norton, Ellen Page and Kiersey Clemons from Flatliners

In the science fiction adventure “Flatliners,” medical students take increasingly perilous journeys into the deep unknown of death by stopping their hearts briefly.

Which got Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold wondering: What would the stars hope to see if they ever really flatlined?

“I would probably see a lot of family members I have lost,” says Kiersey Clemons. “I would see my aunt and my grandfather. I feel like I would probably be on a motorcycle with my grandpa.”

James Norton, too, expects a family connection: “I would like to be able to see some loved ones who have passed and say hey and send love from the other side, and visa versa, and maybe take it back to people who are in the real world take some love back to them”

As for Ellen Page, it would be more of a solo experience: “I feel like I’d probably float.”

This remake of the 1990 movie starring Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland explores the same issues of the original movie while trying to make its own mark, the stars say.

“We were all aware of (the original) and watched it in our own separate places but we had a responsibility to not replicate it because ours was its own kind of film,” says Norton. “We’re trying to make something different and new and relevant to the modern generation. We borrowed the premise but we kind of forgot it as well.”