What Movies Are Out: Ben-Hur, War Dogs, Southside with You

Made in Hollywood host Patrick Stinson previews what movies are out this weekend.
Made in Hollywood host Patrick Stinson previews what movies are out this weekend.

Listen up, class: This week it’s a history lesson, Hollywood style.

Three movies reimagining the past — “Ben-Hur,” “War Dogs” and “Southside with You” — hit the theaters, and Made in Hollywood has all the behind-the-screen details from host Patrick Stinson.

In “War Dogs,” about two friends who manage to score a multimillion-dollar contract from the U.S. government to arm allies in the Afghan war, stars Miles Teller as a reluctant participant drawn into a potentially deadly deal by his pal Jonah Hill, this time playing a nasty manipulator with fondness for spray-on tans.

“Miami culture was a big part of this guy’s DNA –the slicked-back hair, and the fake tan, and the loud clothes, and the jewelry and everything,” Hill tells Stinson. “It was all part of like trying to capture this guy who was born and bred in Miami Beach.”

The chariot races are on again! “Ben-Hur” reworks the 1959 Charlton Heston sword-and-sandal-and-wheels classic with the actors doing most of their own death-defying stunts.

“I can’t explain how exhilarating it is to be dragged around by four horses,” says star Toby Kebbell. Adds costar Jack Huston: “I never worked harder than on the movie.”

In “Southside with You,” which takes audiences on the first date of Barack Obama and the then-Michelle Robinson, star Parker Sawyers thinks he found the key to the future president’s confidence and style.

“He played basketball. He walked like a ballplayer,” says Sawyers. “He’s got a certain swag to him.”

Made in Hollywood also previews “The Intervention,” opening Aug. 26, about friends who decide they have to tell a couple it’s time to get a divorce.