What Movies Are Out: Live by Night, Sleepless, The Bye Bye Man

Ben Affleck in Live by Night
Ben Affleck in Live by Night

What Movies Are Out This Weekend – Live by Night, Sleepless, The Bye Bye Man

Things get very real, very fast at the box office with three new movies that put everything up on the screen, and Made in Hollywood has all the details in this week’s episode.

“Live by Night” director-star Ben Affleck strives for Roaring 20s authenticity by using buildings from the era and even dressing costar Elle Fanning in vintage underwear. It’s all part of Affleck’s long love affair with the gangster genre.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a gangster — but with no weapons and no gang and no crew,” he jokes to Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “So I’m kind of a gangster of one.”

Authenticity came in a more painful form for “Sleepless” star Jamie Foxx when a fight scene with Michelle Monaghan in the police action film got so out of control she smacked him in the face.

“Right down straight to the kisser,” Foxx, pointing to his front tooth, tells reporter Patrick Stinson. “We’re doing the fight scene and I guess ‘action’ got called wrong and BAM! She chipped this. All this is porcelain.”

For “The Bye Bye Man” star Doug Jones, a tense encounter with Carrie-Anne Moss went to another level because of one real-life location used for the horror flick about a monster who manipulates his victims with hallucinations.

“Our interrogation scene was in just a police station,” Jones tells reporter Julie Harkness Arnold, “but that’s still a little weird when you’re walking down looking at the cell rooms.”

“I could definitely feel the energy,” adds Moss. “I’m a very intuitive, sensitive person, so when I go onto sets I tend to feel the energy of things. So when you’re in a movie like this, you have to be kind of mentally disciplined.”