What Movies Are Out: Loving, Hacksaw Ridge, Trolls


What Movies Are Out – Loving, Hacksaw Ridge, Trolls

Heroes don’t always have to be super. Two new movies this weekend examine the quiet, simple strength of ordinary folks, and this week’s episode of Made in Hollywood has all the behind-the-screen details, along with http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/cialis-2-5mg/ a preview of the animated feature “Trolls” with music from Justin Timberlake.

“Loving,” the story of a Virginia couple who violated the state law against interracial marriage, follows Richard and Mildred Loving as they take their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“It was a huge privilege to play her,” says Ruth Negga of her real-life character, a black woman who married a white man in the late 1950s. “I just think that spending time with her was joyous. When we finished filming I actually was bereft, and I missed her.”

Portraying Richard — a man of few words — had Joel Edgerton exploring the art of silences as an actor, turning what he thought would be an easier role — “I didn’t have to like sit there and try to learn lines,” he jokes — into something much more challenging.

“There’s something definitely beautiful about Richard’s way of thinking because it’s so simple and yet intuitive,” Edgerton tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “Richard felt like: Well, why can’t you go to the judge and say, ‘We’re not going to hurt anybody’?  A lawyer or someone from the city in a suit might laugh at that because it’s too emotional and too simplistic. But then why shouldn’t that be a victorious statement in and of itself? That’s what’s really at the core of a debate of marriage equality. We presume to come into your home, where you’re not hurting anybody, and tell you that you’re not allowed to do what you’re doing.”

The Mel Gibson-directed “Hacksaw Ridge” looks at the horrors of war through the eyes of a Seventh-day Adventist pacifist medic, played by Andrew Garfield, who saves dozens of lives during the Battle of Okinawa even as he refuses to kill, becoming the first conscientious objector to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

“He believed in something greater than himself, and he was willing to sacrifice his own life for his brothers, and this is the greatest act of love anyone can do,” Gibson tells reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “In the midst of hell, where most men are becoming animals, he was honing this aspect of himself and doing glorious things, and saving lives. He was life-affirming in the midst of death. It’s kind of a cool story.”

In the animated feature “Trolls,” Anna Kendrick gets to show off her beautiful singing voice in songs with her costar Timberlake.

“I had such a great experience working with Justin,” Kendrick tells reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “The nature of it is very intimidating, but he’s very good at directing your voice and you obviously trust him implicitly. He just gives like very clear simple direction and makes it feel like this isn’t a huge deal, which is a talent in itself to make somebody who’s not a musician come in and work with somebody who’s known for music and make them feel at ease. ”