What Movies Are Out: Star Trek Beyond, Ice Age, Cafe Society, Absolutely Fabulous

Patrick Stinson hosts Made in Hollywood TV show
Patrick Stinson hosts Made in Hollywood TV show

What Movies Are Out This Weekend: Made in Hollywood Previews Star Trek Beyond

The crash of the Starship Enterprise on an alien world threw the crew asunder and forced them to rely on each other in new and different ways. It was the same for the actors, who found themselves in “Star Trek Beyond” paired with new castmates, they tell Made in Hollywood in this weekend’s episode.

“We love each other across the board so it was great for the characters to be able to shift up their energy dynamics,” said Zachary Quinto, whose character Spock — accustomed to friendly sparring with Captain Kirk — suddenly found himself partnered with Karl Uban’s Bones McCoy in a fight for survival.

For Chris Pine, the realignment meant bittersweet memories of working with the late Anton Yelchin, who after filming was killed in a freak car accident at age 27.

“I get to spend a lot of time with Anton, who plays Chekov, which was a lot of fun because Kirk is always serious and Chekov is this kind of very light spirit,” says Pine.

In the horror film “Lights Out,” Teresa Palmer found herself doing double-duty as actress and lighting technician.

“I think the basement sequences were really hard because I had to light a lot of that myself because I’m carrying the light around,” she says. “So literally there are no other lights down in the basement, and everyone would have to turn their cell phones off when we shot, and there was just this one light. If this goes out, we’re all plummeted into darkness.”

For the voice cast of “Ice Age: Collision Course,” just having a job came as a surprise as the animated franchise continued with a fifth movie.

“We kind of assumed Four was it,” says Ray Romano, who plays Manny the mammoth. “That’s what I heard for awhile. They said, ‘We have another one!’ I said, ‘Send the script over. I’m ready.'”

Costar John Leguizamo, who voices Sid The Sloth, sees no reason to stop now: “I already asked them: What is Six? And what are you planning for us?”

In Woody Allen’s 1930’s Hollywood movie “Cafe Society,” Kristen Stewart stars in her third movie with friend Jesse Eisenberg, this time as a vivacious mistress who taught Stewart the benefits of pausing and reflecting on life.

“It’s a nice reminder to sort allow yourself to really appreciate everything you’ve gone through,” says Stewart. “She kind of has this amazing ability to look at things and go: You know what everything happened the way it should and here I am.”

For the ladies of “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” time is also a factor: They’re struggling to keep up with it.

“The world is so full of social media,” says writer-star Joanna Lumley, who plays a boozing, chain-smoking publicist. “Everybody’s on everything, everyone’s filming everything, everyone’s a critic, everyone’s doing their own PR, and I thought that was quite a good place for them to start.”