What Movies Are Out: The Magnificent Seven, Storks, Queen of Katwe, Dirty 30

Patrick Stinson from Made in Hollywood
Patrick Stinson from Made in Hollywood

Saddle up this weekend for action, laughs and tears as “Made in Hollywood” goes behind screen of four new movies mixing Hollywood entertainment with serious messages.

“The Magnificent Seven” rides again, with  the 1960 Western starring Steve McQueen rebooted with a diverse cast led by Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt as gunfighters hired to defend a Mexican peasant village.

“This is a movie for this generation,” Martin Sensmeier, who plays Red Harvest, tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “And I think people can identify with that because we got people from all walks of life fighting tyranny.”

For director Antoine Fuqua, re-teaming with his “Training Day” star Washington initially posed a more practical challenge. “I was just trying to get a great cast,” says Fuqua.

The animated feature “Storks,” featuring the voice talents of Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer, delivers some messages of its own.

“I did like the modernism of this animated film,” reporter Kylie Erica Mar tells Grammer in their interview. “My favorite part was when the two wolves say, ‘We’re going to raise you to be a strong and independent woman.'”

“I don’t any women who aren’t strong and independent,” Grammer says. “And I never have.”

“Queen of Katwe,” about a young chess prodigy, takes an uplifting Disney tale of triumph-over-adversity and places it in the slums of Uganda, giving the story particular meaning to Kenya-raised star Lupita Nyong’o.

“I was crying 10 pages into reading the script,” she tells Stinson.

“I was just so taken aback by the fact Disney were making this movie,” adds costar David Oyelowo, “that we were going to see Africa celebrated rather than (in) what I deem to be another negative story.”

And in “Dirty 30,” a milestone birthday party spins out of control in a story inspired by YouTube star Mamrie Hart’s own experience.

“I was turning 30, and I just had a blast doing it. I

really embraced age,” Hart, the film’s star and co-writer, tells Mar. “But I had so many friends who were freaking out about it. And I didn’t understand it. So that’s what kind of the inspiration was behind it.”