What Movies Are Out This Weekend: Bad Moms, Equity, Into the Forest, Nerve

Made in Hollywood TV show with host Kylie Erica Mar
Made in Hollywood TV show with host Kylie Erica Mar

What Movies Are Out: Bad Moms, Equity, Into the Forest, Nerve

Women rule the box office this weekend in movies about bad moms, powerful executives and friends fighting for survival in a dystopian world, and this week’s Made in Hollywood TV show has all the behind-the-screen details from the actresses who bring these characters to life.

In the outrageous comedy “Bad Moms,” three stressed-out mothers finally throw in the towel and stop trying to be perfect all the time, and the stars say the two male screenwriters — Jon Lucas and Scott Moore from the “Hangover” movies — pulled it off  by paying very close attention to the women in their lives.

“It’s a love letter to their wives,” Christina Applegate, who plays an militaristic PTA mom, tells reporter Julie Harkness Arnold . “Because they’ve seen their wives struggle in these worlds.”

Mila Kunis says the screenwriters, who also directed, were collaborative on set. “They actually really nailed it in the writing,” she says, “and I think they allowed all of us to have our opinions.”

“They asked us questions,” adds Kristen Bell, “and we would add things and they said, ‘Oh, maybe change it to that, if that’s more personal to you.”

“Equity” takes the financial thriller and gives it a new twist by casting women in the leads, as an investment banker (Anna Gunn) works her way up the Wall Street ladder as a prosecutor (Alysia Reiner) keeps a watchful eye.

By casting women in the traditionally male roles, Reiner says, the movie sends a message. “You can do anything,” she says. “I think that’s the number one. You can do anything. And don’t be afraid to try.”

Adds costar Sarah Megan Thomas: “I have a little boy and I want the same message for him for women. Part of doing this film is for him to see strong women can do anything.”

“Into the Forest,” based on the 1997 bestselling novel by Jean Hegland, also gives a fresh take on a familiar Hollywood story, in this case the post-apocalyptic survival tale, with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood as two women relying on themselves, and each other, to stay alive with all the lights literally go out.

Page tells reporter Kylie Erica Mar how she came across the story. “I was actually in the store that I love in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I’m from, and the woman working there (whom) I would see often is like: ‘Hey, there’s this great book. You should read it because I think it would make a great movie,’” recalls Page. “And so I did, and I was like: Yes, it would make a good movie.”

The technological thriller “Nerve” explores the darker side of social media, with Emma Roberts as a high school student thrown into danger by taking the fictional game “Nerve” too far.

“It didn’t seem that farfetched to me,” she tells reporter Patrick Stinson. “After I read the script, I was like: Is this a real game? Is it not a real game? .. It’s obviously very similar to our society today with technology.”