What Movies Are Out This Weekend: Central Intelligence, Finding Dory

Made in Hollywood host Patrick Stinson
Made in Hollywood host Patrick Stinson

What Movies Are Out this Weekend from the Made in Hollywood TV Show

In between the action and buddy comedy, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart sneak in a serious message in “Central Intelligence,” one of movies out this weekend previewed by host Patrick Stinson on this weekend’s nationally syndicated TV show, Made in Hollywood.

“There’s a nice undercurrent of anti-bullying and embracing who you are,” Johnson tells reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “The truth is, and you stop and kind of look around and shift your perspective a little bit, you realize how blessed you are.”

Opening Friday, this story of two high school classmates — one who used to be picked on, the other who used to be the Big Man on Campus — find that their lots in life have changed as they reunite years later to thwart a deadly plot. Oscar nominee Amy Ryan costars in the film that was written and directed by “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” creator  Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Thirteen years after moviegoers were charmed by “Finding Nemo,” the undersea gang is back with “Finding Dory,” this time focusing on Ellen DeGeneres‘s forgetful fish. DeGeneres can’t resist joining reporter Kylie Erica Mar in speaking in the same goofy “whale voice” used by Dory in the movie until costar Ed O’Neill just can’t take it anymore.

“There’s been enough whale spoken here now for the moment,” he says.

The lushly animated tale from Disney-Pixar opening Friday also stars the voice talents of Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olson, Diane Keaton, Albert Brookes, Eugene Levy, Idris Elba and John Ratzenberger.

On the home screen, “London Has Fallen,” about the chaotic aftermath of a massive terrorist attack on the U.K. capital, bursts with so many stunts and intrigue that the stars knew they had to be at the top of their acting game.

“You just come physically prepared and open mentally for whatever,” says Angela Bassett.