What Movies Are Out This Weekend: Suicide Squad, Don't Think Twice, Amateur Night

Patrick Stinson previews this week's Made in Hollywood
Patrick Stinson previews this week’s Made in Hollywood

Made in Hollywood Previews What Movies Are Out This Weekend

How did this squad become a family?

The stars of  “Suicide Squad” open up to Made in Hollywood this week about how an unusually personal rehearsal process — including group therapy-type discussions — combined with months of physical training for the fight scenes drew the diverse cast closer.

“It started from the rehearsal space, sharing our deepest, darkest secrets,” Jay Hernandez, who plays Diablo, tells reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “It puts things on a different plane. We were just barely getting to know each other and we had to open up to this group of people, and we’re telling this just really personal stuff.”

“The potential was really only for disaster getting this many individuals in a room,” adds Jai Courtney, who plays Boomerang.

Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) sums it up this way: “It’s like herding cats.”

“Don’t Think Twice,” about an improv group facing life’s serious side when fame comes to some — but not all — of them, echoed real-life issues faced by the stars, themselves all standup comedians.

“It’s about realizing the path that you think you want and the goal you hope you want, and then realizing that maybe that isn’t quite the thing that will make you the happiest,” Kate Micucci tells reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “I think as you get older you start to reassess. In your 30s it’s a big change. I noticed among my friends in Hollywood, we come out here for one thing, then you see people finding different passions.”

“We are all delayed adolescents as performers,” adds Gillian Jacobs. “So it takes us a bit longer.”

Keegan-Michael Key jokes, “Everybody’s 7 years old until they’re about 31.”

In “Amateur Night,” Jason Biggs gets a job as a driver for prostitutes, in a comedy that peeks into a different side of this hidden world.

“I think people’s perception of sex workers is a certain thing,” says Biggs. “It’s limiting.”

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