What Movies Are Out This Weekend: The Accountant, Priceless, Mascots

Ben Affleck in The Accountant
Ben Affleck in The Accountant

Made in Hollywood TV Show — What Movies Are Out This Weekend

Expect the unexpected at the movies this weekend with new films featuring twists and turns to keep audiences on their feet — and the stars on their acting A-game.

In “The Accountant,” Ben Affleck plays a mild-man money-man with a dangerous client — the mob — in a thriller in which nobody is who they seem to be.

“To carry that off, we had this great cast,” Affleck tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “And the movie has a sort of an effortless movement. That’s really a trick. That’s sleight of hand. You don’t know you’re being manipulated.”

“The Accountant” opens Friday.

In the human-trafficking drama “Priceless”, also opening Friday, audiences see a different side of David Koechner, who sheds his comic persona to tackle a serious role in a movie with a message.

“I have three daughters,” he says. “It’s something that’s close to my heart, to think of any young woman in peril, and it is going on right now. Right now, as we’re speaking, there’s some woman being trafficked against her will.”

And in “Mascots,” the latest comedy from Christopher Guest, the biggest thrills occurred behind the camera as the actors stretched their improv skills to the limit.

“There’s no rehearsal,” explains Jane Lynch, one of the stars of the ensemble streaming on Netflix. “You’re off on your own creating this character, getting this person into your bones. Then you show up and now you’re supposed to perform. So it’s that anticipation. I know enough now to say: Jane, you do this every time, where you get nervous and you know it’s all going to be fine because no one’s going to let you fall.”

Opening next week, “Ouija: Origin of Evil” travels back to the mid-60s to a family whose sham seance business turns horrifyingly real when a merciless spirits takes over a girl. For star Henry Thomas, no matter how many times he’s read the script, he still gets chills.

“You know when the beats are coming, and you’re still jumping,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson.