What Movies Are Out: Don Cheadle, Melissa Joan Hart on Made in Hollywood


What Movies Are Out: God, Music and Pranks at the Box Office

If you want to think deeper thoughts this weekend, head to movies pondering the existence of God and the price of musical genius.

If not, check out a bunch of YouTube guys playing pranks.

This weekend, Made in Hollywood gives you the lowdown on what movies are out at the box office.

God’s Not Dead 2 Stars Melissa Joan Hart

A high school teacher ends up in the courtroom after answering a question about Jesus in “God’s Not Dead 2,” starring Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe in a story resonating with current events.

“Just with what’s going on in politics, the conversation in our country, how we’re forging ahead but people still want to hold onto the values and conservative beliefs — I think that it’s very current, it’s very relatable,” Hart tells Made in Hollywood.

Don Cheadle Transforms into Miles Davis in Miles Ahead

“Miles Ahead” zeroes in on 48 hours in the life of jazz great Miles Davis in a new kind of biopic that embraces the conventions of improvisational playing. For the stars, it was an education in a man as misunderstood as he was influential.

“I was familiar with his more popular music,” says Ewan McGregor, who plays a Rolling Stone reporter, “and I didn’t really know much about him.”

Another musical genre gets the movie treatment in “I Saw the Light,” about the brief life of 1940s-50s country star Hank Williams, played by Tom Hiddleston, who traded his British accent for an Alabama drawl and did his own singing and guitar playing.

“It was all fringe and ten gallon (hats), it was a whole other silhouette,” says the actor perhaps best known as Loki opposite Chris Hemsworth in the “Thor” movies. “I found that fascinating.”

April Fools’ Day Is Every Day for the Natural Born Pranksters

Just in time for April Fools’ Day comes the big-screen debut of a trio of YouTube practical jokers in “Natural Born Pranksters.”

“It’s funny to laugh at somebody else,” acknowledges Roman Atwood. “That’s why everybody likes pranks. When it happens to you it’s a different story.”

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