When Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Gave Up and Improvised

To go inside the mind of Amy Schumer, it takes some real comedic chops. So it’s no wonder her “Trainwreck” costar Bill Hader, a “Saturday Night Live” alum, was able to synchronize his improvisational shorthand for acting opposite the hot  comedienne during filming.

“We were very connected,” Schumer explains to “Made in Hollywood.” “There’s a scene where I say, ‘I haven’t had much to eat today. I just had, like…,’ And then he looked at me and he knew.”

She continues: “That wasn’t in the script – that I was just going to start saying a lot of food – and he knew even before I started it. We were looking at each other’s eyes and he was, ‘All right, go ahead.'”

“It was fun to work with Amy,” Hader reveals. “We like to work the same way.”

Still, it was not simply a glare into each other’s eyes and improv skills that made the raunchy comedy one of summer’s most-hyped flicks.

Much of “Trainwreck’s” humor comes from Schumer writing the gags herself, Hader explains, praising his onscreen love interest. “It was a great time,” he said. “And it was fun just because she wrote such a great script, you know.”

Starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, LeBron James, Vanessa Bayer and Tilda Swinton, “Trainrwreck” hits theaters Friday. Watch the trailer below: