What Annoys Jessica Chastain Most About The Huntsman Costar Chris Hemsworth

Jessica Chastain on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Jessica Chastain on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

What annoys Jessica Chastain The Most About Chris Hemsworth? Only Everything

Looks, charm, manners – Chris Hemsworth has it all. And that, says his costar Jessica Chastain, is the problem.

Yeah, it’s kind of annoying actually,” Chastain said Tuesday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “Not only is he just perfect to look at –.” 

“Gorgeous,” interjected DeGeneres. “And his body!”

“Disgusting,” said Chastain. “He’s like a foot taller than me so he’s probably 6-foot-5, he’s really funny and he’s got the most beautiful, perfect family and he’s a great dad. It’s just like ugh.”

DeGeneres asks if he’s also a good kisser.

“Wow! Yes, he’s a very good kisser,” says Chastain.

“Ok, so he’s perfect.”

“He’s perfect,” sighs Chastain, “annoyingly.”

Jessica Chastain Didn’t Share Quite as Much as Chris Hemsworth Did on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

If Hemsworth has any faults, it’s a tendency to over-share in a way that may prove embarrassing later on for his children. On Monday, he revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that his 4-year-old daughter is suddenly fascinated with all things anatomical, especially involving her 2-year-old twin brothers.

“My daughter is kind of envious of my boys, at the moment,” Hemsworth. “She came to me the other day and she was like, ‘Ya know papa, I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ she was like, ‘Ya know the things in between the legs that you have.’ I was like, ‘Oh, um. Well you see. Girls…’”

Hemsworth adds: “Then my brain’s like how do we handle this. ‘Girls have breasts.’  ‘I don’t want breasts!’ I was like, ok. Um. She was like I really want one. I was like,  ‘A penis?’ She was like, ‘I want a penis!’ I was like, Oh, okay. Um.”

The Huntsman: Winter’s Tale Stars Jessica Chastain, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron

In the sequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman,” Chastain joins Hemsworth and Charlize Theron in an action-adventure that also costars Emily Blunt. “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” has Hemsworth’s Huntsman fighting to defy the rule of Theron’s wicked Queen Ravenna.

The film opens Friday.

Watch Chastain’s appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” below: