Why Batman v Superman Movie Called the Donald Trump of Comic-Book Films

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Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Donald Trump

Batman v Superman Movie Called The Donald Trump of Comic-Book Films’

The media hates him. People are divided by him. And yet still he triumphs.

Sound familiar?

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” defied the critics, opening to a record-setting $166 million. That made it the biggest Easter movie ever and the biggest March movie ever.

And it left Hollywood’s entertainment Bible Variety to wonder: “Does that make this movie the Donald Trump of comic-book films?”

Batman v Superman Movie Called the Donald Trump of Films: the Evidence

Consider the evidence:

Bruce Wayne made tons of money, has a father who looms large, lives in a really swank place, built a tower emblazoned with a letter from his name, and now spends his time fighting.

And gets a lot of media attention along the way.

The opening weekend success of the “Batman v Superman” movie has only built on comparisons that had already been made back in August during the Iowa caucuses when Trump was just starting to go from punchline to serious contender.

As the Washington Post reported, one day BatTrump descended in his Bat-Copter, er, helicopter, in Iowa and offered rides to excited children, including 9-year-old William with a GoPro who asked the candidate: “Are you Batman?”

Answered Trump: “I am Batman.”

The Post ticks off several more comparisons, including the fact that Wayne and Trump each have Scottish heritage and each have issues with aliens (Wayne: those from Krypton, Trump: those who are illegally here).

Batman v Superman Movie: Is Donald Trump in Jimmy Kimmel Cartoon

In its story on Tuesday, Variety also notes that both Wayne and Trump have female Democratic Senators as their antagonists in the Batman v Superman movie — Holly Hunter’s Kentucky senator, and former New York Sen. Hilary Clinton in Trump’s bid for the White House.

They’ve also both been mocked in the press — Ben Affleck for “Gigli,” Trump for just about everything — and, most of all, both have proved the mainstream media wrong.

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“The success of ‘Batman v Superman’ is just the latest example of the cultural wars between the press and the public,” writes Variety. “As reporters sharpened their knives, audiences voted with their wallets, and propelled the movie to break box office records.”

But it was perhaps Jimmy Kimmel who best illustrates, producing this funny video of a Batman/Trump kid’s cartoon, with Trump providing the voice for the Caped Crusader.

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