Why Bill Hader Calls Amy Schumer 'Disgusting'

Let’s face it, the girl gets around! Amy Schumer’s character in her movie “Trainwreck” is a big-time commitment-phobe who prefers the company of strange men instead of one good man. She’s even raised at a young age to believe the monogamy isn’t realistic.

And she is more than happy to oblige by that mindset.

“I kiss three different men and I have a sex scene with two men,” Schumer tells “Made in Hollywood.”

Co-star Bill Hader jumps in: “You are disgusting.” Hader (good-naturedly, we think) goes so far as to call Amy, the character, “a straight up whore.”

Schumer isn’t one to disagree about her character’s lifestyle. “It’s terrifying,” she says of the sex count. “That’s a lot.”

“Trainwreck” opens Friday. — Written by Mark Gray