Why CHIPs Star Kristen Bell Loves Working with Husband Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell of CHIPS
Kristen Bell of CHIPS

Why Kristen Bell Loves Working with Husband Dax Shepard

She loves a man in uniform and she loves a man on a motorcycle. Luckily for Kristen Bell, she gets a little of both in husband Dax Shepard in their new comedy “CHIPs.”

Shepard wrote and directed the reboot of the old TV show about California Highway Patrol officers in their latest collaboration.

“I loved working with my husband,” the actress tells Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “I married him because I like spending time with him. I also married him because I trust him.  And that’s really what it is. When we work together we get to spend time together.”

Kristen Bell Defers to Dax Shephard on Set, But at Home …

Professionally, Shepard knows just how to treat her, she says.

“He writes to my strengths when he writes roles for me,” says Bell, who has appeared with Shepard in commercials and in the comedy “Hit and Run,” which he also wrote and co-directed. “So it’s perfect, because I know he wants his movies to look good. But he wants me to look good. It’s a safety net. I know he’s on my team. I would work for him any day of the week.”

So does she ever feel compelled to offer some helpful suggestions?

“At home, for sure,” she says. “But he knows a lot more about moviemaking than I do. And our whole life together is: Best idea wins. So if I have a better idea at home, it wins. If he has a better idea on set, it wins. It’s not really about who comes up it. … It’s not an ego competition.”

Bell never watched the original TV show, though she did have her minor encounters with with the lawmen of the highways while growing up in Michigan.

“I haven’t actually ever been pulled over in California,” she says. “When I was a teenager, sure, because you’re speeding all the time when you’re a teenager because you don’t realize the rules exist to keep people safe.”