Why Diego Luna Calls Rogue One a Childhood Dream Come True

Diego Luna of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Diego Luna of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Diego Luna Calls Making Rogue One a Dream Come True

If only to make envious “Star Wars” fanatics feel better, Diego Luna would really like to say that working on “Rogue One” was a grind.

But that would not sit well with The Force.

“It’s the best!” Luna tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar of starring in the latest installment in the franchise.

The Mexican actor, best known for “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” says the joys of working on “Rogue One” began on the set. Green screens and other CGI tricks take a backset to old-fashioned sets, life-sized props and action sequences involving real actors.

“It makes your job so easy because you’re reacting to stuff, you are not imagining,” Luna says. “We were living the moment, reacting to things, killing Stormtroopers. They would fall and you would see him there and go like: ‘Damn, that was me! Cool!’

Diego Luna Felt Like Like He Was Really Flying a Rogue One Spaceship

Even piloting a spaceship felt real. “The cockpit was moving and I had in front of me a huge LED screen that was projecting what I was supposed to be looking at,” he says. “You are actually piloting and going into hyperspace and the thing is shaking. It’s unique.”

For Luna, appearing in a “Star Wars” film marks the culmination of a childhood dream.

“I’ve been playing in this universe since I was 6 years old,” he says. “And imagine one day they call you and say, ‘Oh, no, it actually exists. You want to come? We’re going to pay you. We’re going to dress you. We’re going to feed you. We’ll take care of everything and you can just play.'”

Diego Luna Embraces the Love and Energy of Rogue One

Most of all, he savors the feeling of being part of something epic.

“I like cinema and I like this kind of film,” he says. “It’s such an interesting and a special connection that I don’t feel with anything else I’ve done in my life. The other side that is very exciting is the expectation, the love, the energy behind the film. It matters to much to so many.”

Normally, he says he has to “beg” people to watch his films. “This one is the opposite,” he says. “This one is the film everyone wants to see. I just feel like this couldn’t be better.”