Why Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig Dared to Reboot a Comedy Classic

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig
Ghostbusters director Paul Feig

Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig on Why He Dared to Do a Reboot

Long before the Internet erupted with complaints about everything from the all-female casting to the theme song, the “Ghostbusters” project proved daunting to director and co-writer Paul Feig.

“It’s a big responsibility taking on something like this, especially rebooting a classic — it’s fraught with peril,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “But at the same time it’s exciting because it’s this amazing idea that’s kind of sat for almost 30 years.”

Feig says that making a new version of “Ghostbusters” came down to a deceptively simple formula.

“That movie worked so well because the funniest people of that time were in that,” he says. “If we can take that idea and bring it to today and put the funniest people I know now in it, that’s exciting and that’s what took me beyond my fear and made me want to do it.”

The New Version Share’s the Original’s Horror-Comedy Mix, says Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig

The rebooted “Ghostbusters,” starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth, opens Friday with a much different cast but the horror-comedy mix in place.

“If you can get an audience to be both scared and horrified and laughing at the same time, you’re getting two very extreme emotions, which results in a lot of fun mayhem with the audience,” says Feig.

The new film also shares the love of crazy scientific jargon.

“Actually Dan Aykroyd helped us with a lot of that stuff,” says Feig. “We had a consultant from MIT who was giving us a lot of our terminology and checking our tech to make sure it was real, then I would write to Dan and go, ‘How do you say this kind of thing?’ And he would send these ideas. And then we were going through scientific manuals. I just love all that kind of tech speak, even if it’s pseudo-tech speak.