Why Halle Berry Was Initially a 'Little Snobby' About Kingsman

Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal from Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal from Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When director Matthew Vaughn asked Halle Berry to play a tech whiz in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” she thought somebody got their wires crossed.

“I was shocked that Matthew would think of me,” Berry tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “Would you think to cast me in a part like that? What I love about it is to have this woman, this black woman, African American woman who is the brains behind the operation is very forward thinking because I’m not sure very many people would put a woman of color in that role. So I think it was pretty cool.

But this former Bond girl wasn’t always so upbeat about the stylized spy movie franchise when the first installment, “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” hit theaters.

“I come from the Bond world,” says Berry, who memorably emerged from the ocean in an orange bikini in “Die Another Day” in 2002. “So when I first heard about this ‘Kingsman’ trying to be like Bond, I was a little snobby about it.”

But once she saw the film she was hooked. “I thought: Wow, it is fresh,” she recalls. “‘Kingsman’ sort of puts a new life into this age-old story of the English gentlemen and their wry humor. I just loved it.”

Berry plays one of the American handlers of Taron Egerton in this action-filled sequel that returns dapper Colin Firth, seemingly from the dead, and introduces Julianne Moore as the villain and Pedro Pascal as a cowboy with a high-tech whip.

Now that Berry’s got to swing with the Kingsmen, will she be back for a third movie?

“I’m ready. My character’s definitely ready,” she says. “I see some knives in her future.”