Why Ice Cube Couldn't Laugh While Filming With Kevin Hart

“When you poop your pants,” Kevin Hart explains about comedy to Made in Hollywood, “that’s when you have the most fun.”

That’s just one example of the actor-comedian’s quick wisecracks, which he did not spare while filming “Ride Along 2” opposite Ice Cube in the Miami-set sequel.

Cube plays the tough, stone-faced detective paired with rookie lawman Hart’s character, who happens to be his future brother-in-law. Still, keeping his composure alongside Hart proved to be quite the challenge.

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“It takes a lot of skills not to laugh,” Cube shares. “It’s important not to laugh because you could mess up something great that he does. He might improvise. I owe it to him not to laugh because it messes up the take.”

Cube, who also produces the sequel, adds that it’s all a part of the job. “I think it’s my producer hat that kicks in.”

Also starring Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn and Benjamin Bratt, “Ride Along 2” opens Friday. Watch the trailer below.