Why Ice Cube Returned to Barbershop 3 - and When He Wants to Make Another One

Ice Cube
Ice Cube

Barbershop 3 with Ice Cube Returns After 12 Years

It’s been 12 years since Ice Cube last snipped hair and a lot has changed.

“The recession of 20o8 hit the South Side pretty hard,” says Cube, who plays barbershop owner Calvin in “Barbershop: The Next Cut”, “so he had to turn his shop into a unisex shop. So we have the beauty shop on one side and the barbershop on the other side and now he has to deal with his 14-year-old son and keep him off the streets.”

It’s the third go-round for the franchise. The introduction of women into the former male sanctuary sets up the comedy, and the realities of guns and drugs for a teenager in the surrounding neighborhood provide a serious context. It’s that balance that has driven the films and continues with “Barbershop 3.”

How Ice Cube and Barbershop 3 Balance the Silly and the Serious

“It just works because the setup is so great,” Cube tells Made in Hollywood’s Patrick Stinson. “You have a movie where you can talk about anything that’s happening in the real world and still be on point. It’s the prefect movie that deals with fact, fiction, real with gossip, and story. It blurs those lines so seamlessly.”

Newcomers Common and Nicki Minaj join old favorites like Cedric the Entertainer’s Eddie, always ready to deliver a reality check whether you want it or not. Cedric says director Malcolm D. Lee gave the comics plenty of latitude to run with improvisation – as long as they eventually got back to the script.

Barbershop 3 Director Gives Comic Actors Wide Latitude to Improvise

“He would let me go, of course,” Cedric says. “He would just let me go and make it happen.”

Cube says he hopes to return to the “Barbershop” franchise a lot faster this time. “As long we give it enough time to make sure we have enough celebrities to talk about,” he says. “As long as they stay in the news doing stupid stuff, we can always make another ‘Barbershop.'”