Why Julia Roberts Hates Dinner with George Clooney

Julia Roberts on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Julia Roberts on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Julia Roberts Hates Going to Restaurants with George Clooney

Many women would kill for a chance to have dinner with George Clooney.

Julia Roberts, not so much.

The actress stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday to recount a restaurant experience with her “Money Monster” costar that went typically sour.

“George is so enormously popular that I don’t always enjoy going out to dinner with him,” Roberts say. “Because everybody wants to talk to George and I have a tendency when a bunch of us go out to dinner to go home early. I also like to go to bed early.  And he always shouts, ‘Quitter!’ as I am leaving the restaurant.”

 In “Money Monster,” opening May 13, Roberts plays a producer being held hostage on live television along with a Wall Street guru played by Clooney. The movie is directed by Jodie Foster.

Roberts also stars in “Mother’s Day,” opening Friday.

Watch Julia Roberts’ appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” below: