How Mandy Moore, Claire Holt Adapted to Acting Underwater in 47 Meters Down

Even for a pair of novice divers like Claire Holt and Mandy Moore, shooting a movie almost entirely underwater had its benefits.

For instance, getting ready for a scene in “47 Meters Down” meant minimal time in the makeup chair. “We popped a bit of conditioner in our hair and got in,” Holt tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson.

And once they were in the water, adds Moore, the breaks between takes would be “quiet and peaceful.”

“We would just sort of float,” she says. “It was like being in space. It was crazy.”

“47 Meters Down” follows the harrowing ordeal of sisters  Kate (Holt) and Lisa (Moore) who go diving in shark-infested waters while on vacation, thinking they would be safe in their protective cage, only to have their cage break away from the boat.

“A film like this is unique in the sense that I don’t think there’s been another film out there that takes place primarily underwater like this does,” says Moore. “Ninety percent of this movie is us underwater trapped in a cage trying to figure out how to escape and make our way back up to the surface without being attacked by a shark, running out of oxygen and drowning.”

The actresses prepared for the movie by taking a crash course in scuba diving. By the end, they were surprised how comfortable they were in the water.

“Any time someone would say something that annoyed me on dry land,” jokes Holt, “I would just float under so I wouldn’t have to listen to them.”

Still, despite the advantages, the shoot left them exhausted.

“We have not been diving since,” admits Moore. “I think it is going to take me another couple of years before I want to get back in the water.”

“Maybe never again,” adds Hold.

Says Moore: “We were waterlogged.”