Why Spider-Man: Homecoming Star Zendaya Never Went as Spidey for Halloween


Zendaya from Spider-Man: Homecoming
Zendaya from Spider-Man: Homecoming

As a kid, Zendaya couldn’t get away from Spider-Man.

“I feel like you just grow up with Spider-Man as a superhero,” the singer-actress tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “He’s just always there.”

Now the Disney star shares the screen with the swinging crime fighter in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” which finds Tom Holland taking over the title role in the franchise as an awkward 15-year-old high schooler still figuring out his powers — and himself.

As much as Spider-Man played a part in her life, Zendaya says she never went as the character for Halloween — for very practical reasons.

“I did this thing in school when if I wanted to dress up as something, I would do something that was realistic so I could keep the clothes for later,” she says.

Her costar Jacob Batalon also went another direction for Halloween: “I was definitely a ninja.”