Why Tom Holland Worries He Just Freaked Out the Internet about Spider-Man

Tom Holland from The Lost City of Z
Tom Holland from The Lost City of Z

While promoting his movie “The Lost City of Z,” about an explorer who discovers an advanced civilization, Tom Holland was asked what time or place he’d want explore.

“It’ll have to be the dinosaur age,” the actor told Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “I think that would be so cool.”

He explained that such a time-traveling adventure would clear up theories about what the dinosaurs really looked like.

“A T-rex could be really furry,” he said. “It could be like a big dog, we don’t know.”

Or maybe, Harkness suggested, Spider-Man could make it back to the dinosaurs.

“He does!” said Holland, a surprising statement since he plays the superhero in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

But before fans get too excited, he clarified, “Not in our movie. But in the comics he makes it over to see the dinosaurs.”

Holland joked: “The internet freaked out just then!”