Zac Efron Has Egg on His Face

Zac Efron was left with egg on his face during a “Tonight Show” visit.

The 27-year-old faced off against host Jimmy Fallon on Monday to a game of Egg Russian Roulette—one of the late-night program’s messiest bits. The challenge sees the pair taking turns cracking eggs from a one-dozen carton over their head; eight are hard boiled, the rest are raw. The first person to pick two raw eggs loses.

“It feels like it’s Easter,” the heartthrob confesses to Fallon. “I should be painting these, but instead I’m cracking them over my head.”

The “We Are Your Friends” actor, whose new movie hits theaters Aug. 28, was named the champion with only one runny egg down his face.

“You have so much egg on your face—literally and figuratively,” he says, laughing at a yolk-faced Fallon.

Watch the trailer for “We Are Your Friends” below.