Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller Talk 'Allegiant' Stunts

Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller
Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller

Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller: ‘Allegiant’ Costars Break Down Stunts

There’s no shortage of action in “The Divergent Series: Allegiant” — and cast members Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller are breaking down how everything came together behind the scenes!

The biggest standout scene from the film is when the cast scales vertically up a wall. And put simply, “it’s kind of how it looks,” Kravitz tells Made in Hollywood, adding, “We ran many times through that field. We had rehearsed and trained to scale the wall. I mean obviously in harnesses, but yeah, it was pretty real.”

Adds Teller: “We did a lot of the same moves our characters do, but we did it all on a smaller wall.”

Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller: Secrets Behind ‘Allegiant’ Magic

The main difference, Kravitz explains, is, “They made them all look a little bit bigger in the movie.”

But regardless of who was doing what, one thing remains true: “I think it’s hard for us and for the stunt guys — scaling a wall will never be easy,” the actress says.

Overall, Kravitz explains “so much CGI” was used in the film, and “the drones are really, really cool. When we were shooting those, I felt so silly. I was like, nothing’s happening. And the city — when you see the bureau, it’s incredible. Almost all of the sets are real. Like when you see the city from above and all that, that’s all CGI, but when we were in the bureau.”

The Robert Schwentke-directed sci-fi fantasy film, which also stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Jeff Daniels, hits theaters on March 18.

This has been a breakout year for Kravitz, who had recent high-profile turns in the blockbuster “Mad Max: Fury Road” and the Sundance darling “Dope.”

Meanwhile Teller moves forward after a disappointing box office performance in last year’s “Fantastic Four” reboot. Teller portrayed Reed Richards opposite Jamie Bell, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan. “We absolutely did a complete 180 from the last one, in terms of our tone,” he told Made in Hollywood at the time.